Research Outline

We study language, communication, the Web, and society as complex systems by means of computational social science approaches. In particular, we focus on the information ecosystem (e.g., echo chamber and fake news), language, morality, and culture in the digital era (e.g., evolang and moral divide). Through this investigation, we seek to develop a new theory of communication and find its real-world applications.


Artificial life, big data, computational social science, complex systems, communication, culturomics, data science, evolang, social media, simulation, morality, network science


  • We collaboratively work on projects related to computational social science.
  • In addition to daily discussions, a seminar, a journal club, and a study meeting are held once a week.
  • We actively present our research results in internal/international conferences and publish them as papers in journals.

Join Us

  • We welcome motivated students who tackle research seriously. If you are interested in conducting graduation study or becoming a master's or doctoral student in this lab, please contact Prof. Sasahara. We accept requests for lab visits and online interviews.
  • In case of research students, we can only accept government-sponsored exchange students due to limitations of lab space.